1,000,000 US One Million Dollars Realistic PROP MONEY Fake Movie New Used Cash 10 Bundles Used/New Look, Best Quality and Price

Made in USA. Not cheap Chinese.

Top and bottom bills are one sided printed.

Inside are processed blank filler paper.

You will get 100 bundles of $10,000 each.

See pictures. If anything is not clear, please ask before buying or bidding. Shipping to USA only. Allow 10 days for order processing.


As the name indicates, prop money is not real money, and hence you should never try to pass it as real money, as it is a federal offence. Prop money is manufactured by companies to use in movies or motion picture. It looks real from a distance. It is intentionally not made in same quality of printing as real money. Moreover, there are certain markings on the bills to explicitly tell the holder that it is not real money. And prop money is usually printed on one side. Hence if you look at it closely (usually less than 3’ distance), you can tell that this is not real money.

Sometimes during shipping, the top and bottom bills fold outwards, hence showing the filler paper. You can easily fix it by simply folding the corners of first few bills inwards.

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